A George III Square Piano

by Johannes Zumpe and Gabriel Buntebart, London 1773

Height: 2 ft 7 in. (79 cm)
Width : 4 ft 2 in. (127 cm)
Depth : 1 ft 7 in. (48 cm)

The plain mahogany case with a nameboard bearing a boxwood tablet with the inscription “Johannes Zumpe et Buntebart Londini fecerunt 1773, Princes Street, Hanover Square”.

Compass GG to F3
Simple English Action with two handstops for sustaining divided at Middle C and a hand-operated buff stop, on a trestle stand with ebonised mouldings.

The significance of this early square piano derives from the fact that it was made by Johannes Zumpe, who was responsible for the introduction of the piano into England. Together with his partner Buntebarth he was one of the so called ‘12 apostles’ who arrived from Germany around 1760, after the Seven Years’ War.