Jacques-Phlippe Caresme (Paris 1734-1796)

Satyrs and Bacchantes offering sacrifices to Pan

A Pair

Each signed and dated lower right Ph. Caresme 1780

Watercolour and gouache over brown ink
Each 27 x 19 cm (10 ½ x 7 ½ in.), Framed 42 x 34 cm

The painter and engraver Caresme was a pupil of Charles-Antoine Coypel (1694-1752), premier peintre to the King and director of the Académie Royale from 1747. Caresme himself was agréé to the Academy in 1766 and exhibited regularly at the salon from 1767 onwards, specializing in portraits, still-lives and bacchanalian scenes. The latter genre figured prominently in the artist’s output in the last decade of his career, when Careseme produced numerous small works in oil and watercolour depicting fauns and nymphs in pastoral Bacchic settings and incorporating the latest fashionable neoclassical motifs, such as the diagonally fluted pedestal and animal-leg table and tripod brûle-parfum visible in the present pair. A comparable scene in tempera on paper by Caresme, signed and dated 1781 and representing Bacchus with nymphs in front of a herm figure of Pan, is in the Museo de Vigo, Spain.